There comes a time when you might be ready to get a forklift for a job that you need. But how to pick the right one? Well, as professionals and leaders in the industry, we are happy to help you when it comes to picking the right forklift for your job. There are three factors to consider when it comes to selecting that forklift.

Type of Power.

There are three different sources of power for forklifts: Electric, Diesel and LPG (Gas). Each has their pros and cons, both in how long they last before requiring a recharge or replacement power source. Enquiring about the type of power that these three have will be a massive factor in helping your decision.

Load Capacity.

How much can your forklift lift? More precisely – how much do you need to lift? You have to think about how much you need to carry in your workplace or for you job and then look into the load capacity of the forklifts. No point getting one that doesn’t lift as much as you need or one that lifts too much for something smaller.

Lift Height.

Figure out how high you need to lift for your job. This is the easiest part of the selection process, as you should have a good idea about how high you need to use a forklift for. Be careful to get one that doesn’t reach the heights you need. It will be a waste of money. Much like the load capacity selection, think about what you need.