Melbourne Forklift Hire Services is all about delivering top quality forklifts hiring and buying services to all sorts of clients throughout Melbourne. If you need to hire or buy a forklift, manufactured by a quality brand, and with the ease of having a wide selection available for you, we are the company for you.

Forklifts for Hire.
Need a forklift for a few hours, a couple of days or even for a month? Well, we have the forklifts for you; all in different capacities and sizes. . You can hire our forklifts for as long as you like and once the job is done, you return it to us. The minimal time you can hire a forklift from us is one day. The maximum is when you’re done! Talk to our team about our hiring policies.

Forklifts for Sale.
Why would you hire a forklift if you need it every single as part of your operations? This is where it would be more valuable and useful to purchase a forklift. We have a wide selection of forklifts for sale, all in different capacities and sizes. Our prices are fair and valued at a competitive market rate. Talk to our team about purchasing the right forklift for your operations.

List of Brands.
Our collection of forklifts are manufactured by the best brands on the market. This way we can guarantee a top quality service. Our most popular brands include:

  • Caterpillar

  • Toyota

  • Crown

  • Clark

  • Bendi

  • Linde

  • Kalmar

  • And many more!

Contact us today to see which brand and forklift suits your requests and requirements best!