Who can hire our forklifts?

Anyone and everyone can hire our forklifts. All businesses, large or small, can hire our forklifts. That’s the promise we make to you.

What brands do Melbourne Forklift Hire Service have in store?

Here at Melbourne Forklift Hire Service, we only have the best forklifts in store for our clients. These include: Toyota, Clark, Kalmar, Yale, Raymond and many more.

What’s the minimal and most time I can borrow a forklift?

The minimal time you can hire a forklift is one day. These are special rates, so ask our friendly team for this service. In terms of how long, it keeps going until the job is done and you want to return it.

What type of gas do I need for my forklift?

Most forklifts run on LPG. All our forklifts have a compliance plate which specifies which gas should be used when refilling. Other gases could include, CNG.

What about electrical forklifts?

Electric forklifts will come with a charger that will power up the battery when it runs low. Chargers work from main power sources.