When it comes to hiring a forklift operator for your workplace or job, there are a few important factors to take into account. You should not just hire any forklift operator if they do not have the necessary skills and qualifications for the task at hand. It is important to look into these four factors before considering which operator you should hire for your workplace or job.

Level of Experience.

While it is not overly important to get an operator that has experience, it does help. This will help you with your confidence in them, as they will be less prone to making mistakes and causing accidents. In fact, they will be able to handle many challenges and tasks on the forklift. Look for one that has experience in your particular industry or a job that is similar to yours.

Certifications & Training.

As with all heavy duty equipment, you have to go through a series of training sessions before obtaining a licence. Ask about the type and level of training that your operator has gone through. Each state has a different set of training sessions and qualifications, so look into what your state offers. Most operators should have been issued with a High Risk Work Licence (LF) by WorkCover. If they don’t have this, don’t consider this.

Site Training.

Take the operator to your workplace and them what they are facing in future. They will be looking to conduct a site training test to assess your workplace and the job they need to complete. Be sure to notice if they are competent in their job.


Driving ability, communication skills, vision and hearing, problem solving and a coolness under pressure are some of the skills that you should be keeping an eye on. You want your forklift operator to be able to manage the most basic skills so that they can make your job easier for you.