When it comes to taking care of your forklift battery, there are a few vital steps that you should take to ensure that the battery maintains its power, as well as keeping you and your forklift safe. There are two set of caring instructions: charging, cleaning and water.


  • Make sure the forklift battery is properly attached to the charger. Too many people don’t make the right connection and end up with a half-charged battery.

  • Don’t disconnect the battery from the charger below 20% charged. This will cause the battery’s voltage to drop.

  • Wait until the battery charges all the way. Regardless if you remove the battery at 30% or 70% it counts as one charge. Most forklift batteries have on average 1,500 charges. So don’t waste it on a half-charged battery.


  • Keep the battery as clean as possible at all times.

  • If acid leaks from the battery cells, clean it with baking soda and water. Take your time and do it properly.

  • If your battery does get messy, dirty, or filled with acid, aim to clean it once a year. This will help maintain its longevity and action.


  • Only use clean water with a low mineral count. This will help the process of minimizing the damage of your battery.

  • Do not overfill the battery with water, just leave a quarter of the filler filled.

  • When using water, always water each battery cell individually and after your charge it. Don’t water it before charging or during it.